Quality Pools and Professional Service

Heath pools is a family owned, Brisbane based pool company specialising in the construction of concrete swimming pools. 

We offer custom made pools that reflect your distinct style, all within your budget.

All pools are sold designed and built by the owner/builder of Heath Pools, he is there at every stage. This assures the construction will be built on time, have no construction issues and built correctly and no cutting corners

Heath pools provides free quotes and computer generated designs so you can visualise what your new pool and landscaping will look like in your back yard

At heath Pools we do not compromise on good quality products, so our pools are made to last. and save the client time and money for the life of the pool, our pools are low maintenance and are very economical. One way we do this is by using cost effective, variable speed pool pumps that can save you up to $700 a year in operating costs, compared to regular and much noisier pumps that run at a constant full speed.

At Heath pools we design our pools so that they do most of the work for you, which means you can come home and enjoy your pool and not worry about what you have to do it.

So go ahead and let us improve your lifestyle and property

We also offer regular servicing and maintenance